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This work has been ordered by a family and has been offered to a little church. First of all I have prepared the drawing. I painted it on a fibreglass and I worked with lime colours. This work has been put on the tympanum of the church.

Moltiplicazione dei pani e dei pesci


This is my personal interpretation of the “Annunciation” for a church in Monza. I decided to set the scene inside the church itself. It has been inusual but very appreciated my choice to put the angel behind the Virgin Mary’s shoulders.

  This is another painting realized on a fibreglass with lime colours for the church of Sant’Albino in Monza. Here I represent the theme of the “Miraculous fishing”.

La Deposizione
Il dipinto qui visibile, è una reinterpretazione di una vecchia raffigurazione non più esistente e documentata solo da alcune fotografie in bianco e nero e dalla memoria di alcuni parrocchiani. Il committente, decidendo il suo rifacimento ha voluto variare le posizioni di alcuni personaggi raffigurati al fine di rendere la raffigurazione più chiara e leggibile per lo spettatore.


This painting, realized for a church in the South of Italy, is an ex-novo painting. I have first realized previous drawings and colours studies, then I have prepared the pouncing. This work has been realized in my laboratory in Monza, it has been shared in two parts - each 3m x 2,60 - and they have been assembled after the transportation. Now it is a unique painting.

Here I used the technique of pigments melted in vinegar and white lead for the heightenings. I produced various works studying the monochromatic effects. This is my personal version of “The Christening of Christ”.

  This is my personal version of one of Raffaello’s paintings. This “Holy Family” has been realized with pigments and vinegar on yellow paper. From this work we have done a limited printed edition used as a “bonbonnière” for a wedding.


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