Decorative Restoration
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Decorative restoration of the ceilings of “Villa Maria” in Tortona.
This is a 19th century villa where we restored the ceilings damaged by water infiltrations. Some of these ceilings had mould which ruined the beauty of the existent decoration. Now the restored decoration can be read again and give a new splendour to the building.

This was the most damaged ceiling. We have worked all the details of the false tissue.

In this ceiling we discovered old decorations, some of them damaged by water infiltration. Therefore we restored them and the ceiling has now decorations like in past times.

  This is another ceiling where we restored areas damaged by water.

In this ceiling there was an old restoration which has riuned the pictorial beauty and it had cancelled the central decoration. In this case too we have restored the ceiling with its original beauty.

Here we have completely reconstructed the corner which fell down.

  Decorative restoration of the Gattini Palace – Matera
This ceiling was completely damaged by water infiltration and by the fact that all the building was “abandoned” for a long time. Now this building will be an important hotel of the town. Here you can see the ceiling condition before and after our restoration.

In this case we have reconstructed a big area because of the fallino of the previous plaster. We have tried to follow the original decoration in order to give the impression of the prime beauty.


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