Paintings Restoration

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Restoration of a 17th century canvas
Here you can see another restoration work, it is a 17th century canvas. The original canvas has been relined because the previous restoration could cause the deterioration of some parts of the painting. The loom, broken in different points, has been changed as well with a new one. We have then realized some cleaning samples and we have discovered small re-painted areas, belonging to the past restoration.
  At the moment there is an expertise of the work to recognize its author and give it the right value.

Restoration of a 19th century painting
This is a restauration of a 19th century painting, found in a very bad condition. First we put a new loom to sustain the canvas - originally the canvas was fixed directly on the frame, but this caused various deformation to it. We have then proceed to restore its original frame, to clean the painting fixing the painting where in precarious situation. The work has been bought by a Church where it is now collocated.

Restoration of Flemish painting

  Restoration of an old Russian icona
This is a restoration of an old Russian icona. Here we ha fixed the humid parts and we have integrated the missing parts and the colours.


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