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Here there is a small collection of some of the reproductions that I realize. This includes drawings and paintings.
This is my personal version of a Botticelli’s works (The Virgin of the Book). It is realized on a well-seasoned poplar plate. It has the same dimension as the original painting ( 58 cm. X 39,5 cm.). this painting has been realized with egg-tempera and with oil glazings.
The frame is entirely hand-made. It is refined with real golden foils and the pilasters are decorated with golden powder on lapis-lazuli back.


These are reproductions from the Sistine Chapel executed on wall. All these paintings have lime colours and their dimensions are about 140 cm. X 110 cm. They are bigger than a person so they seem to dominate the area around.

Delphic Sibyl

The Prophet Isaiah

Libyan Sibyl

The Prophet Jeremiah

This is a study on the Sistine Chapel. It is the Eritrean Sybil realized on a panel of 80 cm. X 110 cm.
For this work I levelled the last coating of the plaster putting the coulour on it (pure fresco) and I proceeded the painting with lime colours. I refined it with golden foil parts (as it is in the original one).

I have also studied the “Delfica Sybil” . Its dimension is 80 cm. X 110 cm.
In this painting it is very important to stufy the drapery and the flesh-coloured, like in the Sistine Chapel.
For this work I used very special brushes, personally conceived. This particular serie of brushes (Scroller 6375 M) is now available from the numbers of 20/0 to number 10.

On the left you can see my personal interpretation of a detail of the Sistine Chapel frescoes
(the Libyan Sybil). The work, 100x70 cm, was made with a cherry-wood passepartout, which was polished with shellac. This work, which can be seen in my workshop, is also available as a limited edition print (100 numbered copies); Prints can be booked by e-mail or by phone.

  These paintings are realized with lime colours (50cm. X 47 cm.) and they reproduce particulars from the Sistine Chapel. These are examples of reproductions I usually realized, inspired by Michelangelo.

Creation of Adam
This reproduction of the Creation of Adam of the Sistus's Chapel has been realized on a table prepared with lime and marble powder and has been painted with lime colours (dried fresco). You can admire it in my laboratory. Its dimensions are 180x90 metres. This work of art has been also coated in order to acquire the look and beauty of the original fresco.

The Prophet Ezekiel
This is another personal study of a prophet from the Sistine Chapel. The painting is realized with lime colours and it is 70X100 cm. The technique is exactly the same as the original one used during the Italian Renaissance period to create frescos.


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