Trompe l'Oeil
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Here you can see some pictures of trompe-l'oeil that I realized on canvas, I put them then on the wall. It is in fact possible to produce this kind of decorations both directly on the wall and on a movable support (like canvas or panels). The aim of this decoration is to create spaces and elements which do not exist in the reality but they permit to have a grand final result.


This trompe-l’oeil has been realized on the wall. This is a monochromatic work in order to exalt the pictorial effect. I tried to give value to the landscape through the use of the decorative elements (false draping, marbles, lights and so on).


These examples of trompe-l'oeil give the illusion of a niche in the wall. These works have been realized on canvas and they have been put on the wall. In this way the painting can be remove whenever needed, and there are no risk to damage it.


Here on the left, you can see a panel that creates the illusion of some sections of wood, placed beside a fireplace.
The panel established gives the impression of a good reserve Wood, well sorted, enabling you to use the sub as a deposit, without ruining the aesthetics of the environment.

Here you can see some trompe-l'oeil which give the impression of open spaces. The landscapes are especially studied following the need of the customers. The subject we can realize are various, from marble columns to animals and inside scenes.


Particular landscape depicting a building inspired by the Villa Barbara in Maser.

This series of works were made on canvas and then glued on the wall, thus having the advantage of being able to be removed at any time without any danger of ruining the work.

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