About me
Anrea Sansone   I am Andrea Sansone and I was born in Matera in 1973.
After my studies I decided to go to Milan to attend the famous Cartoons School in Savona Str.
At the same time I worked with various art decoration and restoration laboratories where I learnt many secrets of this work starting to touch my big passion.
I am deeply fascinated by the Classic art and by the Renaissance art in particular. The life and works of Michelangelo Buonarroti are very important for me as well.

As an alchimist I like to prepare old receipts used in the past to create unique works, with natural materials (and very hard to find!) in order to create unique works.

After many works with important art laboratories and after the realization of important works, I decided to invest in my passion and to realize my big dream: to live my life creating beautiful things and leaving a good sign of my passage... and I gave life to my "Laboratory of Dreams".

I try to make my dreams come true with the desire to realize important art works.

In this site you will have the opportunity to see some of them...
Enjoy it!


Laboratory of Dreams
It is here that I create my works of art: decorations, restorations, trompe-l'œil, reproductions and small sculptures.

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