Workings and materials
In addition to applications appear in a section of the site GALLERY del sito, we also paint walls creating particular effects using various kinds of veilings. This kind of workings are realized with very good materials and we take a particular care to the definition of the details.

Here you can see some of the materials we use in my laboratory. During the various years, I have always tried to find the best materials for my works, and sometimes it is very difficult to find them or very expensive to buy. But they guarantee to the work a long duration and the beautiful final result. You can find many different things regarding the materials for Artworks: from the colours to the brushes. I have personally found the best products on the market, of an excellent quality. Therefore I can guarantee the best materials for all the people that like this job...

Paint brushes
"Il Laboratorio dei Sogni"

Pure pigments and lime cream

Products for gilding
(golden foil, etc.)

Cera vergine e gomma lacca

I am referring to various paint brushes tested from myself. They can be synthetic or natural, depending on the technique you use for your work. Or also all the things you need for gilding. Or also the pure pigments, used for the fresco technique or for the tempera portrait. All the materials to feel and act like a kind of alchimist… and use rare products.

If you want to receive more information about these materials you can write to me at:

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